18.04 - Is it normal we have to logout and back in after installing apps to see them in UB menu?

Wanted to report it. Not a big thing once we know it or for experienced users.

After adding Chrome on a portable, I had to log out to see it in the menu ( internet)… If I searched Chrome, it didn’t show

It did the same for another app but with Skype, I was able to see it right after installation

Log Out and back in, Chrome was searchable or available in the Menu, Internet menu…

A little bit like we have to do with Budgie Applet we add (if not already included )


That is something to-do with the underlying GNOME menu system. Most of the time it does work straight-away. Have tested this many times in the past and all is well.

Call it a “glitch” :slight_smile:

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I’ve noticed the same issue when installing firefox via Budgie Welcome --> Get Started --> Browser Ballot --> Firefox, I could see the package installed via $ sudo dpkg --list | grep firefox but had to log out and login again before showing on the menu.

Installed spotify via software and it was in the menu straight away and listed under snap
Installed Google Play Music via Flatpack it was in the menu straight away and listed under flatpak
Installed Vivaldi via Budgie Welcome --> Get Started --> Browser Ballot - again I could see the deb package under $ sudo dpkg --list | grep vivaldi but I had to retsrat / logout/login before it displayed in the menu.

The issue maybe that debian packages not calling gnome-menus or Budgie installer not calling gnome-menus re-fresh

I hope this helps

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I have a patch waiting for review by canonical devs that will fix this. Stay tuned.


I’ve just been notified that the fix https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-menus/+bug/1765799 has just been released to 18.04 users. So the fix should rollout to everyone over the next few days.

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