18.10 - Battery applet - dual batteries

My laptop has two internal batteries. The battery applet on the panel shows both. Seems to me that the two batteries should be consolidated into one icon?

This is this issue https://github.com/solus-project/budgie-desktop/issues/737

Too be honest probably this one has sat there on the issue tracker because no developer has one of those laptops. It really needs someone with such a laptop to develop and test a suitable patch.

On the solus site this issue is marked as closed. Does that mean a fix? If someone gets me the code I could test it.

That issue is still open. The code would first need to be developed. Creating code without the hardware to test against is very very difficult. That is why such a code patch needs to come from someone with such hardware.

In reality, this is a cosmetic issue and a low priority. Having said that, issue #737. on the Solus web site, was opened on Nov 26 2017. Despite the fact that a number of posts to that issue noted the problem, the issue was closed on June 25 with no comment.

IMHO, the Budgie desktop has been out for a while and while it’s a great interface, there are some “paper cuts” that users have to deal with. To the credit of the UB team, they have worked very hard to overcome these issues with creative applets, etc.

It may be heresy (sorry Ikey), but is the budgie desktop is getting much love from the Solus team?

I think you are referring to the linked duplicate issue on github. Yeah github is not particularly clear on open and closed issues.

There has been a whole load of cosmetic fixes in the budgie desktop v10.5 which you are basically using in 18.10. Notifications revamp. Raven reworking with what it displays and what you want to see in raven via budgie settings. Also icon list grouping. So lots of nice goodies from the Solus team and others as well.