24.04 Boot drive config issue

Just tried installing 24.04 and I’m running into issues at boot drive configuration screen.

I have two NVMe drives, one with Windows, the other with Ubuntu Budgie 23.10

Option 1 (install alongside Windows) and Option 2 (Wipe and select drive) both result in getting asked to go to Windows, disable bitlocker and resize drive, none of which is applicable to me since I don’t even want to touch the Windows drive.

When using Option 3 with manual config, no matter what I do the Next button never lights up and cannot be clicked. I tried just selecting the existing Ubuntu drive, tried wiping partitions and creating a new config, also tried if it would let me continue if I delete partitions on the Windows drive, but to no avail.

I’ve been using this config for multiple Linux installs so far with no issues (two different Fedora installs, and two Ubuntu Budgie installs).

Anyone got a clue what could the issue be?

I would raise an issue here OpenID transaction in progress

The installer devs can advise better with their in depth knowledge of how the new installer does stuff.