Amdgpu driver not able to install

I’m not able to get the AMD drivers installed on my computer, when I would be in the synaptic package manager, I am not able to get the amdgpu-dkms installed as it gives error and also vulkan drivers I’m not able to get installed either. When trying to install graphics driver support in synaptic, there are some that when I would go to install them, they would show the additional packages that are needed to install, the additional packages would go green, but then the main one that I was selecting would show a red dash in the box and I’m not able to do any installation of packages until those would be deselected. I have Ubuntu 22.04 and I have an AMD Ryzen 5700G in my system, I do not have a discreet graphics card, just the 5700G APU.

hmm - I have a ryzen 4700 - I don’t have to install any extra drivers. I believe amd now concentrate on opensource drivers that are available out of the box.

They do, but there is also drivers available for Linux that provide features that the Windows drivers have.