Any ideas how many people are using budgie?

I come from the Macintosh world, then was an IT consultant in the Windows world and been with Linux for the last 10+ years … First Ubuntu, after Mint Cinnamon and now Budgie and I like it.

But I am curious ( seeing the number of posts here ( I know budgie using discourse is new) to know if you habe any ideas on how many people are using Budgie

There is not wrong answer…

I made a little donation to support budgie and it made me feel good… Open source world will always surprise me…

I’m afraid we are not privy to that information from Canonical - download statistics are not released.

But if everyone tweets, texts, FB, G+, Telegram’s etc then the good-word about the budgie-desktop will surely spread!


Is popularity-contest something that UB could look at including in the distro by default?

(although the debian reporting implementation is much more user friendly)

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