What Type Of Data UbuntuBudigie Collects, Want To Know More About Privacy

i am very curious to know that what kind of data ubuntu budgie collects i mean it collects any personal data if they collects then how they use that data. ARE UBUNTU BUDIGE PRIVACY FRIENDLY OS.

Thank You.

We don’t collect any data via the operating system as far as I can gather.

We don’t add the optional package that standard Ubuntu does to collect statistics about your install.

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Ok Sir, I Thing Then I Can Say This Ubuntu Budige Is Privacy Friendly OS ???

We dont intentionally collect any personal info. Just shout if you notice something that we havent looked at before.

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Is Ubuntu Budgie a privacy friendly OS?
It depends on the required level of privacy and the definition of “personal info”.
You can improve privacy by purging telemetric software with
sudo apt purge ubuntu-report popularity-contest apport whoopsie
This won’t hurt your system. Just google ,oops, ask your favorite privacy respecting search engine about these applications and decide according to the size of of your personal tinfoil hat.
But be aware, that some software comes with telemetry enabled by default, for example “Visual Studio Code”.
Unlike a big monopolistic OS, Ubuntu let’s you decide if and how much information is shared.
But if you are a hardcore Linux purist and willing to trade convenience for privacy you might be better off with Debian.

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None of those packages report data that is identifiable to you.

I know, but there are people (not me) that consider their privacy violated by sharing their IP adress in the background.
As mentioned before, it depends on the size of ones tinfoil hat. And I think it’s always better to collect data (even anonymous one) with opt-in. I really don’t intent to start an Ubuntu bashing ( I use it for years and would recommend it to everybody without hesitation) or a privacy discussion in general. Just wanted to highlight, that different people think different about privacy. And those packages mentioned are reason enough for some people to condemn Ubuntu in general.

Ubuntu-report is not installed in Ubuntu Budgie.

popularity-contest does not share your IP address - nor does apport or whoopsie.

Apport & whoopsie are I would surmise essential packages for any good distro. Without them it is impossible to know that anyone is having any issues. Even then, you are fully in control - you dont send bug-reports unless you say so - i.e. opt-in.

From https://popcon.debian.org/FAQ
Encrypting popcon submissions still reveals that a particular host is running Debian or a derivative; and the administrators of the popcon server can associate submissions with a source IP address.

Some people would dislike the 3rd party requests of this website to
avatars.discourse.org |
aws1.discourse-cdn.com |
sjc3.discourse-cdn.com |
because it gives away the IP without their knowledge.

But let’s stop this here, you really don’t have to convince me that its harmless. But people are going crazy with privacy protection in Europe and Germany in particular since GDPR popped up.

Absolutely no offense!