Privacy? Any concerns with Ubuntu Budgie

Does Ubuntu Budgie share the same privacy policies as Ubuntu? They aren’t know to be the best, not as bad as windows but not at say Debian’s level.

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Can you expand slightly - what privacy concerns have you with Ubuntu itself? recommends Debian and a few others but no Ubuntu based OS.

I’m not typically a Ubuntu user, I mainly use Debian but love this Budgie build. The last Ubuntu disto I used was like 10.04. I’m just kinda going off what I’ve read from other forums. wrong URL?

There is as you know lots of nonsense posted by a few self opinionated people out there in the interweb - so not really sure what privacy issues are real concerns rather than just not very accurate random thoughts :slight_smile:

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hmm - there is nothing on that site as far as I can gather that justifies any recommendation. Seems pretty random.

Here is my high level take. We don’t ship Ubuntu’s opt-in data collection utility on first logon.

Nor do we monitor ourselves/ nor have access to anything about what Ubuntu Budgie users are doing with their distro.

Ubuntu and ourselves dont ship (i.e. dont install) by default any proprietary software.

We do though always work on the “it just works” philosophy - so we don’t hide from users the ability to choose the software they want - whether proprietary nvidia drivers/intel firmware or proprietary broadcom drivers. So use - if you want - or don’t use if you don’t want to.

We are shaped by the community through this forum primarily.

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Vanilla Ubuntu 18.04 + has GUI options to disable sharing information about your computer. As for U-Budgie you can disable automatic problem, reporting location services from the privacy settings. Hardware information is used to aid development and about 67% of users chose to share information about Ubuntu 18.04.


about 67% of users chose to share information about Ubuntu 18.04

only because it’s opt-out. 66% of users “just click next”.


first of all, I suppose that is better using opt-out than nothing as in windows (I don’t know which information OSX collects, but I think is - if possible - worst than windows). Then, if it were opt-in, I imagine that no data would be sent to Canonical, since people is a bit paranoid about self-assuming privacy. Invoking privacy for data as version and flavour of installed distro, network connectivity at install time, hardware statistics and so on it seems to me a bit excessive: which one of these data is really sensible (following GPDR, e.g.)? And, mostly, sent data are used for statistical purposes and the total absence of any ad in Ubuntu (and in Budgie) is the proof.

Finally, about opt-in/opt-out: I manage an IdP, in my job, and people who authenticate via IdP does it for having a service (accessing to a SP means requesting a service); we have opt-out, as strategy, for some services. Opt-in, when requesting a service, sounds weird, imho.


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