Anything different regarding wifi in Ubuntu Budgie vs. « regular » Ubuntu 18.04?


For wifi and bluetooth, my usb dongle 0bda:b720 realtek needs that driver to work, rtl8723bu.

It’s ok on ubuntu 16.04. It’s ok too on ubuntu 18.04 ( upgraded from previous 17.10 ) and it’s not that ok on Ubuntu-Budgie 18.04 ( also upgraded from previous 17.10 ).

On last, download speed is about 2-3 Mo/s whereas 16-17 on the others.

I’m pretty sure to have followed the same installation method, modified the same files ( etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf and /etc/modules ) and a dkms method is also provided.

Hence my question : is there anything different regarding wifi between ubuntu and u-Budgie ?

No difference.

You could check though if TLP is being too aggressive with its power management. You could purge that package if it’s installed. Reboot afterwards.

Well to be honest I had suspected there were no difference, built on same foundation, I’m just trying to find a culprit…

I purged TLP packages, but that did not help.

Is TLP installed by default with Budgie, or did it come with 18.04 ?

lsmod confirms 8723bu module is in use…
…but speed is 4 or 5 times slower than any other system on that machine.

It is by default with budgie. If after purging and rebooting then it must be something else.

Yes the base is exactly the same.