App Indicator and panel size


There’s a closed thread about App Indicator force-resizing the panel:

And this is a behavior I’m still observing on 19.10. For any panel size below 37px, App Indicator causes the panel to “grow” although windows don’t know it… And consequently, the panel overlaps the top of windows. The well-known behavior of applets with a fixed size on Budgie panel.

According to the thread linked above, icon size in App Indicator is 22px which is small enough… but then comes extra padding. Normally this should be controlled by theme settings. However, I have been unable to find any App Indicator-related lines in gtk.css from Pocillo or Materia.

Short of an automated padding adjustment (depending on panel size settings), what would be the entry to set padding size for App Indicator in gtk.css?

Thanks in advance

You mean this?

Firefox labels are behind the panel.

Yes, exactly. This is a behavior I’ve observed for some applets… they force the panel to a given size that’s not “known” by windows. It’s even easier to see with panel transparency on (you truly see the window behind the panel).

Normally this can be fixed on a case-by-case basis by editing the size/padding of culprit applets in gtk.css. Workspace Switcher, for instance, can be “cured” this way.

However, I don’t know App Indicator’s entry.

Maybe there : Fix for Budgie Panel Overlap?

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So I found adding this to gtk.css removes the padding and solves the issue (at least for a 29px panel; for very small panels, you may find yourself below the minimal icon size for App Indicator, in which case removing the padding won’t be enough):

.budgie-menubar {
padding: 0px;

Any potential unintended side effects I should be wary of?

Mmm… would you mind sharing the details ?

If there is no side effect, could this be « merged » as default in 20.04 @fossfreedom ?

would always consider a pull-request


I haven’t tested if padding-top/padding-bottom additions to the CSS cause any issues with a variety of themes. Would like someone to help out here.

I’ll add the padding: 0px and check soon.

There aren’t many additional details to be shared here… Just add those lines to your ~/.config/gtk-3.0/gtk.css, or the gtk.css of your custom theme. I simply found this .budgie-menubar entry while browsing App Indicator’s code, and figured out it might be involved in the excess padding.

I haven’t noticed any oddities so far, but there again I haven’t done much testing.

Besides: the same kind of fix can be applied to the Workspace Switcher, which also causes the overlapping panel glitch, and can be put on a diet in a similar fashion:

.budgie-panel .workspace-switcher .workspace-icon-button {
padding: 0px;

.workspace-switcher .workspace-add-button {
padding: 0px;

That should do it.