AppMenu : set its position for not overlapping panel?


is it possible for App Menu not to overlap ( other ) panel ?

Here actual situation, hiding the left panel :

and here is what I’m looking for :

letting ability to see icon tasks lists + drag’n’drop icons from menu to panel.

May I force that manually somewhere ?

The budgie-desktop popover code needs to be altered to take into account possible panels on the left / right

Somewhere in here at an initial guess budgie-desktop/popover.c at master · BuddiesOfBudgie/budgie-desktop · GitHub


Ok so regarding my coding skills which are close to zero, it means I can’t force that manually somewhere a basic user could put his hands rather safely.

From my basic understanding, the global geometry of the popover starts at line ±470 and indeed does not look if there is another panel at left or right side, under the top panel which « initiates » the rendered position of its subsequent popover.

Sorry for the noise, hope some skilled enough person might look at that some day - I’d be glad to test.