No global menu, PPA source missing "ubuntu/global-menu-test"


I’ve just tried out the ubuntu budgie 18.04 the first time and I really miss the unity global menu which saves a lot of space.

I’ve found a ppa to try out “”, but when adding the source it complains it’s missing:

The team named ‘~ubuntubudgie-dev’ has no PPA named ‘ubuntu/global-menu-test’
Please choose from the following available PPAs:

  • ‘bde’: budgie desktop environment
  • ‘mailnag’: mailnag
  • ‘testdropby’: test dropby
  • ‘unstable-test’: test unstable

How to get it fixed or is there a setting to enable global menu in budgie 18.04?

just look in the menu for “budgie applets” - install the global menu applet. Log out - login and add the global menu applet to your panel.


That easy! I basically needed the global menu, pixel saver applets plus removing center positioned applets from top panel to get it unified as was in unity desktop.

Great success!

:slight_smile: don’t forget you can also use the autohide feature of the panel to get a few pixels.

If you are using Pocillo - there is a Pocillo-slim variant in budgie-settings which again saves lots more pixels.

Just be aware that longest app-menus ( LibreOffice, Gimp… ) might get truncated when global menu is left aligned : their far right parts from center of panel might be missing.

And strangely enough, put global menu applet at center of panel gives enough room for the whole app-menus to be displayed.

( example : Expand option in global menu applet settings )