Expand option in global menu applet settings

No point separately logging another bug - it needs to be handled with advice by upstream. We don’t develop or maintain the global menu ourselves.

(please note my comment about the gtk theme I just edited in to my answer above - this may resolve your menu cut-off issue)

Linked to this topic : I noticed that Gnome apps have only one “title” in the Global Menu in which all items are integrated. Is it possible to spread all items through the Global menu? (Not sure if my made myself clear)

No. Most gnome apps no longer support the traditional menu system. So the global applet will only show what is available which for gnome apps is mostly the appmenu

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I have noticed same issue on my Ubuntu-Budgie 18.04 : ( long ) global menus looks truncated if set at the left side of panel.

But it is ok, if set at the center of panel !

So it might be related to how the panel works ?

@Coeur-Noir can you add a picture for the left aligned global menu and another picture for the centre aligned? Not sure I understand your comment … pictures paint a thousand words ! :grinning:

With global menu on the left part of panel :


With global menu at the center part of panel :


Is there is a kind of Z ( depth ) order for each part of panel,
left is at background,
right is just above left,
and center is at the top of both ?

Here are my top-panel settings :
( not the subject here, but you can also note there that screenshoting actual window takes a bit wider picture than actual window… )

can you double check if this is a conflict between pixel saver and the global menu - can you remove pixel saver (logout and login) from the panel and check if the global menu works (or not)

Without pixel saver :
…« fenêtres, aide » are missing, « script-fu » is truncated at same position, center of panel.

Same if there is only global menu at the left, and nothing else in panel, before you ask :wink:

thanks - looks like the upstream dev has now moved to gitlab - the issue is this https://gitlab.com/vala-panel-project/vala-panel-appmenu/issues/222

As such it needs a fix there. If you can help to resolve then please do, and then we can include a fix in the ubuntu package itself.


Are you sure it’s a problem « inside » this applet ?

Isn’t it something related with the way budgie-panel organizes its different parts [ beginning | center | end ] ?

Reading the upstream tracker, the dev thinks it is due to a change that was made by the applet itself - it used to work before the change.

Thanks for explanations, as usual :wink:

Well, maybe he thinks otherwise https://gitlab.com/vala-panel-project/vala-panel-appmenu/issues/222#note_90787024 :smile:

Sounds like he just threw his arms in the air …!

Needs someone wonderful to investigate how applets are sized and why there is a difference between left align and centre align

No, I am not thrown my arms in air. I know exactly why this happens, and I explained it now (but I think this is by design and will not be fixed)

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Good to know about the centre box issue. Maybe somehow there is a way to hide the various boxes if they don’t contain applets. As you say it is something that someone fiddling with the codebase could try to do and propose a patch to upstream.

Hi there,

I have trouble installing Global Menu. I downloaded & installed the applet from the applets software but I can’t see it on my desktop. I tried to looked into Raven settings but found nothing. Once installed, should it be ready to use or does it need an action from myself?

Thanks for your help.

All applets once installed appear in Budgie Desktop Settings - Panel - Add applet when you logout and login. You may have missed that bit at the top of the budgie-applets window :slight_smile:

Ok now I see it. I was testing with Firefox and apparently (and unfortunately) it doesn’t work. But with Libre Office it is just fine. Thanks!

check if there is a difference in behaviour between the snap version of firefox and the repository (debian) version of firefox