Auto sleep/lock setting

Hi there.
In Budgies 22.04 where can I manage the auto sleep/lock setting?

From the menu look for budgie control center

Look in displays for display lock settings.

Power will have several power related settings.

Unfortunately, the Power application does not have any fine-grained power controls. For example, I recently replaced my aging desktop system with a laptop and docking station. I needed to have the external monitor on with the laptop lid closed. To do this I needed to edit file /etc/systemd/logind.conf
to accomplish this.

Fair enough. Now that budgie has its own control settings app, any suggestions can now be readily implemented … faster obviously if someone wants to do the tweaks and tucks!

On my main laptop, I always would edit the the /etc/system/logind.conf file to disable the lid switch, because I never want it to sleep when I shut it. However, there is another option for handling the fine-tuning of the power options, if anyone changes them often and doesn’t want to edit the /etc/systemd/login.conf file every time. Snippets can be placed in the /usr/lib/systemd/login.conf.d/ directory. They will override the items in /etc/systemd/login.conf.

For example, what I do now is I have a file in my ~/.config directory:

with the contents:


When I want to disable the lid switch, I have a script that will copy this to the /usr/lib/systemd/logind.conf.d/ directory, and run:

sudo service systemd-logind restart

This disables the lid switch. Then should I ever want to re-enable the lid switch, the script will simply delete this file from the /usr/lib/systemd/logind.conf.d/ directory and restart the service.

Just another option if anyone else is interested.

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@fossfreedom It pains me to say this but windows 10/11 has a lot more options in the advanced power settings. Having said that I would add these to the budgie control settings:

Laptop lid power: ‘nothing, suspend, hybernate’
Laptop lid battery: ‘nothing, suspend, hybernate’