Background on weathershow applet - why?

This is not a reply but a help request as the first one; always about applets, in this case WeatherShow.
Yesterday everything went at best but now, can’t understand why, WeatherShow has become as in attached picture, with that ugly grey border. If I log in as other user than mine, everything works wee, so it must be something that happened in my user .config … just have no clue.



Couple of clarifications …

what version of UB are you using? What theme are you using?

ah - wait - have you been playing with the weather transparency settings?


:blush::blush::blush: ooopsss … probably yes, but don’t ask me when or why because I don’t remember (I’ve just modified its position - BTW, an hooray for xdotool - recently and I can imagine that, thinking to my own business as I’m used to do sometimes, my mouse slipped on transparency settings.

Sorry and thanks for your precious suggestion,