Best and easiest way to get touchpad gestures like Mac

Just wondering what the recommended way is to get MacOS/Win10 like touchpad gestures? Like 3 and 4 finger gestures etc.

I found two options that have had ‘recent’ development:
This requires to install Gnome Tweak Tool and perhaps has more Gnome related dependencies. No idea how to get Gnome Tweak Tool it is not available via the Software app. Manual install seems the only way.

The other option:

This is not a Gnome extension and therefore maybe a better fit with Budgie?

Gnome extensions only work on gnome shell.

So yeah, the latter is a better bet for further investigation

I followed the instructions, copied the config for Ubuntu mentioned in the instructions and added this command for 3 fingers Up:
/usr/lib/budgie-previews/previews_triggers hotcorners_all

And now I have “expose” for 3 fingers up just like Mac :slight_smile:

Only downside: I need to open Tilix and run Fusuma, keep that running in the background.

Just need to figure out a way to keep Fusuma running in the background and start with startup. Probably need to create a script that runs it via systemctl?

Maybe an autostart? budgie-desktop-settings - autostart

Wow that’s just too easy, it worked!!
Now I can figure out what other gestures make sense. May I recommend to add Fusuma by default to Budgie? Or just add more gestures by default, with or without Fusuma? It works well!

It’s a little late for considering new stuff like this for 20.04. Feature freeze is tomorrow.

Maybe something for 20.10 if someone is interested in packaging and uploading this to debian.

Worth also looking at this project - may also do what you want

Thanks I will try that one as well. Seems to do exactly the same, also based on libinput and uses xdotool. But a bit further developed with start/stop/autostart options. More documentation as well.

Is there a command for “Show Desktop”, like the one used for the Hot Corners applet?
That is the only one missing in my gestures configuration :slight_smile:

Just to help others, there is already a UI for libinput-gestures:
It works on UB but it does not support all features of libinput-gestures. It only supports setting 1 direction (like left, not left-up).

Final step is pinch to zoom and rotate. Libinput-gestures supports this, but it is unclear how to trigger it.