Bluetooth headset cant set output as A2DP sink while using the mic as input device

I’m not sure where I should report this bug as I don’t know if its a UB issue, a Budgie issue, or a Ubuntu issue.

I have the popular Sony WH-100XM3 headset.

I can connect to the headset fine using bluetooth. I set the Output device in Sound Option, there are two configurations A2DP Sink (sounds great) and HSP/HFP (sounds terrible).

If I set the input device to the headset, it silently switches the Configuration to HSP/HFP and so the audio sounds terrible.
If I then switch the configuation back to A2DP sink, the audio output sounds good again, but then the input device switches to something else.

So the problem is that I cant use the headset as audio input while having the good-sounding output configuration.

Does anyone know where I should report this issue?

The bluetooth package is called bluez

Suggest report to launchpad

ubuntu-bug bluez

Great thanks I’ve done that

To my knowledge it is not a bug, bluetooth doesn’t have the bandwidth necessary to act as A2DP sink while also transmitting audio back to the pc. Android phones and iphones switch “on the fly” so that it sounds good to both ends but the linux implementation does not.

If anything it is a problem in the bluetooth standard and a quick google search proves it.

What i do in my laptop is to set the bluetooth headset as A2DP sink and use the internal mic of the laptop as the default input device.

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Yes I think you are correct, but it looks like a solution is on the way.

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I am curious about this too, looking forward to hearing what yall figure out.