Macbook Pro 2015 - Default Audio not set right

This appears to fix it, but it’d be nice if this could be fixed during the setup, but I am not sure what type of hardware checks would need to occur or how widespread this issue may be across Apple and other devices in general.

  1. Remove your local pulse audio settings
rm -r ~/.config/pulse
  1. Comment out the line that loads the invalid audio out device (headphone jack?) as your default even when empty vs speakers.
sudo vi /etc/pulse/

Find this line and comment it out and then save it.
load-module module-switch-on-connect

Reboot and it should be working normally.

Please raise an issue on launchpad - the pulseaudio maintainers will consider.

You need to be aware though - the future audio/video is likely to be Pipewire - so PulseAudio is likely to be dropped. As always … expect bumpy times ahead for a few releases when this happens.

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Is there a way (not Mac specifically) to switch to Pipewire for audio (and bluetooth audio codecs as it supports LDAC and AptX HD) on Ubuntu 21.04?

On the ubuntu discourse thread (Pipewire on Ubuntu - Desktop - Ubuntu Community Hub) it mentions this debian wiki that should work in ubuntu 21.04