Budgie 20.04 doesn't detect fans

i’m currently running ubuntu Budigie on my N950TP6 laptop. everything works fine except fan control for my i5 8400 cpu and gtx 1060 Mobile GPU. the fans aren’t even detected. i’ve run sudo sensors detect and it added a chip driver called “coretemp”.

the only info i ever get from my CPU and GPU is their temp stats, feels like ive tried everything.

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Since it is 20.04 and it is still in alpha state please report a bug to launchpad to allow the kernel devs visibility of the issue and hence can advise further

ubuntu-bug linux
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alright i’ll do so, thanks!

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N950TP6? That is a Clevo? Then these look interesting: https://github.com/topics/clevo Top one adds a module regarding fans.

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Just for sits and goggles, have you checked out Stacer? Might give you a few more data points or controls.

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Yes Rinzwind, its a Clevo computer. i will try it out and give you an update tomorrow!. thanks!

No i haven’t, i will try it out thank you!

Alright, i got it working. Noe both cpu and gpu fans are detected when i type “sensors” their rpm aswell.

How i got this fixed was by installing https://github.com/rafaelgieschke/clevo-xsm-wmi - yes its for keyboard lightening control but it also installs some modules for your fan control!

So by doing this i am now able to use Fancontrol GUI to control my fans.

Thanks for all of you who helped me out!

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