Budgie Settings and Budgie Welcome disappear


After the update to 18.04 and the introductions of the new applets, everything was working just fine, I customize the applets that I wanted to use and everything.

But as I start up the system today I notice something was wrong, first thing I notice was that Slack was gone, then when I tried to reinstall i got the message “sudo: snap: command not found”, I then reinstall snap and install slack again.

After that I was worried, so as I was checking some things I notice that the new “Budgie Settings”, “Budgie Welcome” and Telegram ware all gone, I don’t know what happened. Now I want to change some applet settings and I can’t.

Anyone has any idea of what happened and how to fix it ?

What was the the software or ppa you last installed before this happened?

What happens if you type ?