Some problems accumulated

I couldn’t find the applet name because I can’t open budgie-desktop-settings, and my super key isn’t still works, but the applet that lets you open background programs (like telegram, discord, steam) doesn’t really work I’m kind of upset that I can’t solve such problems because they are starting to build up and I would love to solve it. My problems with this are: super key doesn’t work; Alt + tab window forecasting control still does not work even if re-enabled in previews control; Background program applet does not work; budgie-desktop-settings not oppening.

Sounds like something really is very wrong with your installation. Really don’t know what you may have done to break stuff :frowning:

Try reinstalling all the critical packages:

sudo apt install --reinstall ubuntu-budgie-desktop budgie-desktop-environment budgie-desktop budgie-core gir1.2-budgie-1.0 libbudgie-plugin0 libbudgie-private0 libbudgietheme0 libraven0

Then logout and login.

then you said

so which is it? does it work or not?

What applet is that?

então qual é? isso funciona ou não?
sorry, I wrote wrong

is this applet, if you can recognize

you need to give me the name of the applet

yeah, but you can take me a list of the applets ? when I open the budgie-desktop-settings and when I tried to open in terminal, this error happened:

** (process:23990): WARNING **: 19:18:44.471: budgie-desktop-settings.vala:27: Failed to launch settings UI: Timeout was reached

Please run the re-installation commands as requested.

the name is appindicator applet, but the error is not happening because I executed the requested command and restarted the system

appindicator is just a container for whatever application indicator application you are running.

That isnt a budgie matter - its whatever application indicator application you are running.

I understand, but I usually use and like to use it

… So again if you usually use it and it is no longer working this again is pointing to a broken installation. You have changed something vital that is causing a whole host of issues.

My advice is to backup your home folder files and do a complete new installation. Then restore your home folder files. I know that will take some time - but its probably faster than trying to find out what is wrong especially as you are not sure what you may have changed.

oh, of course I’ll try it