Budgie Weather Applets Contain No State Information

Was using the LIVE version of U-Budgie and found a perplexing problem trying to test out your weather apps. They ask for your “city” and will only allow the name of the city and not the state (in the USA). The problem with that is my city is “Columbus” and instead of giving me some “State” information I cannot select my correct city when my choices are 10 or more “Columbus” locations, presented only as “Columbus, US.” Would appreciate some attention to this matter before I decide to adopt U-Budgie. For my older eyes I very much like the clarity in the fonts used.

The list of city options represents (exactly) the city list of Open Weather Map. The city-mentions look like: 5249205 Columbus US. For your city, quite a few matches like this, including “Junction”, “Air force base” and “Grove”. If those do not suffice, not a thing we can do about that unfortunately.

Was looking at the openweather API - in addition to the search by city name there is a search by “zipcode,country-code”.

No idea where we get the list of country-codes - but maybe a future enhancement could be a toggle to switch between “search by city name” and “search by zip code + country code”


The online search includes (a bit) more info, but since we depend on the file which OWM delivers for use in applications (we made that decision to prevent errors on slow/malfunctioning connection), I don’t see any way to connect that info with zip codes. though, not even manually.

Since your talking about the Weather Applet, how about allowing for a AM/PM options as opposed to the default 24 hour :slight_smile:

@makitso We are talking about this one:


Yeah, was discussed before, but it doesn’t seem to make sense in a linear forecast in a time range.

No, this one


That’ s the one, but the new version looks slightly different.


Thanks for your replies and reflections on my suggestion. I am not sure how one responds to 10 or 15 different US weather sites listed by the common city name, for example: “Columbus US.” If your system depends on an “openweathermap API” I already have an API code number. Easy enough to get, and Gnome allows that number to be used to set up its weather extension. So perhaps allowing the customer to visit openweathermap.com, get their own API code number and then simply plug it into your slot for “city” and have that accepted would solve the problem. Ubuntu, U-MATE and Xubuntu do not have this issue. Just a suggestion for you to consider.

I am afraid you are misundersatnding, this has nothing to do with the key, it is the list, provided by open weather map. Gnome weather indeed shows the state, not sure how its done, bet need to look into it.

Thanks Jacob for hearing my issue. A tool is only useful when it provides access.


Raised the issue here to track https://github.com/UbuntuBudgie/budgie-extras/issues/121


Thanks for further raising this issue. Read the github discussion. Using “geolocation” ought to help. Also, in the US every location has a zip code, and using 5 digits locates the state/city location. Also, Gnome’s “openweathermap” extension locates by city name, and if multiple states contain the same city name, it further identifies each state too from which to enter your exact location. Don’t know if any of these suggestions are helpful, but many city names in the US are located in many states, so they both need identified for the app to be useful.


After I posted yesterday and got several replies here, I have gone ahead and installed U-'budgie 18.10 on my laptop. I have further discovered more weather related information I did not have with the live version.
I guess the issues I identified was with the “weather-show” applet.
Additionally I found another applet called the “Budgie Weather” applet which does attach to the panel and which also does correctly allow the linking of city and state information for it to work properly in the US. So I just removed the “weather-show” applet and adopted the “Budgie weather” applet.
Additionally I found that you also included in this release the “Gnome-weather” software as part of the system, so this also works to correctly identify the city/state issues that need to be identified to use the app for the United States. So for my needs, I am good. So wanted to give you this heads up on what will work for me. Both of those other software/app tools should give you guidance on how to make “Weather-show” work successfully for others as well. So for my purposes I am considering this solved for my needs at least.

Both of the ones you mentioned use the GWeather API, which we won’t use for reasons, explained in the github discussion.

Created the solution by using OWM’s city list’s lon/lat info, to fetch corresponding state info. The new list, with state info, will be available soon.


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Bravo to the solution and the effort you made. Thank you so much for me and all the others who enjoy U-Budgie!


tried on various mode (zipcode, IT - geo-coords - code on the url: https://openweathermap.org/city/3177480) my my city doesn’t found on meteo applet
How can I do?

We depend on data from owm. If owm does not provide data, specifically for your city, not much we can do I am afraid. I’d pick the closest nearby city.

strange is owm have my city (plese click on link) https://openweathermap.org/city/3177480
but it’s impossible to add my city in applet: it doesn’t found city name, or geo coords or zip