Budgie Weather applicaiton

Coming from xubuntu, I was very fond of the xfce4-weather-plugin for the panel. It had a lot of options and allowed the user to select different weather providers.

I have attempted to use the Budgie Weather application. However, its a bit frustrating; slow to load, limited city support and strange temp for my city.

Is there a way, modifying system code, to fix any of this?

Just to get clear, you are talking about Budgie Weather (panel only) or Weather Show (desktop weather)?

To be honest, I initially was referring to the gnome weather application from the budgie menu. However, since posting this I have installed the weather applet and have been testing it.

It does function better :slight_smile: However, the applet that is on the desktop can’t be positioned – on my 1900 x 1200 monitor it’s in the right top quarter of the screen.

Clicking on the panel weathershow icon shows times with the 24 hour clock even though I prefer the 12 hour clock myself.

These are nits for sure and shouldn’t detract from the great applet.

I see where you can position it on the screen, sorry I missed that

FYI - our weather applet is undergoing a complete rewrite. It now has the ability to display either on the desktop or on the panel … or indeed both.

We didnt quite manage to make this available for 18.10 in the repo’s, but will make it available via backports - and will make its fomal debut in 19.04.

For the moment - if you want to help test and feedback you’ll need to compile it yourself - but we’ll package this when we’ve got 18.10 out of the door.


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… If you want to help test and feedback …

I would most happy to assist in this effort.