Caffeine applet timer

the caffeine applet is the best applet I’ve ever seen! But I have a doubt: if I set 1 minute does it mean that after 1 minute it is automatically deactivated? If so, it doesn’t work for me, because after the set time nothing happens, the cup is always on and smoking.

I’m trying to get the grasp about the timer at the Caffeine Applet in the TopPanel.

Trying to figure out if there is a bug. Is the timer suppose to “release” the lock after X-minutes, or activate. Neither nor works in my setup.

Sorry I won’t help. Just a note.

I always remove caffeine-applet and I can’t notice any difference in behavior.

Always wondered what its purpose ?

The timer is to turn off the Caffeine mode, so if you set to 2 minutes, when you turn on the caffeine mode the applet will be turned off after the 2 minutes period have passed. I normally use the caffeine mode with 0 minutes that is equivalent to no turn off automatically.
I am using the caffeine applet since 18.04 without any problems. today I am in 20.04 and just made a test to verify if it was working properly.

I’m in 20.04 as well. Mine doesn’t turn off automatically after e.g. 1 Minute.

Hmmm… two different results.

Going to be a difficult one to resolve. Will look at this sometime after the 20.04 release rush.

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Thanks, it’s sure not a big deal breaker for the LTS release :slight_smile:

This is btw. not a problem for me anymore after upgrading to Budgie 21.04