Calendar applet has hardcoded meridian - not the latest?


Appears like this issue was already fixed but the applet says it is v5.1 on my 20.04 system, so I am wondering if this was compiled from an older source and did not make it into the repos? @fossfreedom

The issue is post the maintainer 5.2 release.

I am surprised the maintainer hasn’t released a 5.3.

What we will do is double check we have 5.2 on all supported releases and cherry-pick the extra commit as a patch.

Oh wow… you are correct. I just kinda assumed that patch was before his 5.2 release, but I see it is one of the 6 commits after his last official release.

I have now refreshed the applet for focal and later with all current patches released post v5.2

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That’s awesome, the update works perfectly! And thanks, I really appreciate that, however small that detail may have been lol.

%a %e %b %l:%M %P

while on the topic of the Calendar applet, I find this quite confusing when I quickly want to check the date:

2021-04-15 12_13_16-rdp___192.168.88.2_ — Mozilla Firefox

Because my attention goes to the Calendar itself and I believe it’s the 14th…
Sometimes, a totally different date in the future of that month is selected, even though I never touched it.

There is no functionality behind selecting a date, I do not understand why any other day but the current is marked by default.

Thats this issue - Doesn't highlight today's date · Issue #25 · danielpinto8zz6/budgie-calendar-applet · GitHub

Doesn’t look too hard to resolve so I’m sure the maintainer would welcome a pull-request.

ok - this is already resolved in Ubuntu Budgie’s version of the applet.

Just remember to update / logout and login to pick up the version that was released a few days ago.

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