Desktop Time and Date shows 00:00AM instead of 12:00AM

When the date changed at midnight, the Desktop Time and Date applet displayed 00:00AM rather than 12:00AM. I rechecked to make sure I had set the 12-hour setting and it was set. I removed the applet, logged off then back on, added it back and logged off and on again and it still showed 00:04AM.
Anyone else have this issue?

Sounds like a bug. 00:00 format is for 24hrs format whereas 12:00am is correct for 12hrs format.

Any one fancy having a go fixing this? Seems pretty straightforward. Happy to help anyone to get going on how to make changes to applets.

Ok, I seem to have had a different idea about the 12 hrs format :). Fixed in the latest commit on GitHub: @fossfreedom can possibly tell more about when the fix will be available.

Once the 18.10 repositories are open for development in a week or two then we wiĺl begin then process of issuing fixes.

This one will be queued up behind a couple of other higher priorities.

We will do an update here to ask for testers to try the fix

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