Can I say my setup is secure?

I use linux not because I like to mess with command lines and operating systems, but because I work with Krita and Mypaint, and thought best to have them in their native environments. When I encounter an issue, I usually need to spend half a day browsing through instructions (and debates) on forums until I find some approach I’m confident tackling.

I just moved for a summer month or two into a university residence. When first signing on to their system I was asked to declare that I had anti-virus software installed and that I keep it updated. I clicked yes, but I actually don’t have those things running because I’m not using windows, and I’ve believed that the virus threat isn’t that significant when using this alternative.

I did feel more confident when software would update daily. But since January there have been no new available updates. I guess that is because I’m using 16.04 and it is no longer being supported. The recommended approach is that I wait until mid-July when I’ll be able to upgrade to the newest supported version. Usually I’d be okay with that, as I’m presently able to do all that I need to do just fine, but I’m wondering if I’m failing to be in accordance with the university network’s security practices if I’m running this six months unsupported system. In Synaptic, I do have checked the option to download and install any security updates. I’m assuming that if a risk did become apparent, 16.04 would then be supported for necessary updates.

16.04 and no updates since Jan?

There has been plenty. Run this is a terminal to confirm all is well

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

Using terminal:
E: The repository [clipped] does no longer have a Release file.
N: Updating from such a repository can’t be done securely, and is therefore disabled by default.

I did use Synaptic Package Manager. In there I’d click the Mark All Upgrades button. Prior to January there would be several upgrades each day that didn’t fall on a weekend. But since then the message has been “Successfully marked available upgrades”.

Same with the software center that comes with Budgie. Big check mark: Software is up to date.

Use software and updates and remove the clipped repo. That looks like it is stopping all updates.

The terminal command needs to run without warnings or errors

Looks like I’m 17.04, not 16.04. “Zesty”.

Updates seem to be from 17.10. Maybe a more complicated process from 17.04.

So, I guess to answer my original question, I need to update to something that is supported to be in compliance with the network requirements here.

Absolutely. Support for 17.04 did indeed finish in January. End of support for 17.10 is mid July.

Thanks for your help. Any good ideas on my path to upgrading? Freshly install everything? Or upgrade to 17.10 and then on to 18.04? Keeping in mind that I’m a guy here to use a couple open-source art programs and not to mess about in the terminal all the time.

If all you need are two apps then really I would backup you key data and do a reinstall. That is the quickest. Check compatibility first by downloading and writing the 18.04 iso to usb or disc. Boot into the live session and confirm all is well.

@tim - one thing to note - if you are not sure what to backup beyond your personal data (say settings, etc), you can backup your entire home folder. Then you can at least recover anything you forgot. Just a thought.