Installed Current 20.04 ISO

I downloaded and installed the current version of the 20.04 ISO tonight. I have the following issues. I realize that most of these will be cleaned up with or without my feedback, but thought I’d leave it just the same.

  1. I could not set my Displays until after installation. Would you rather be reading installation from a 14" screen set at HiDPI res, or a 32" screen at 1080p? I prefer the latter, thanks to my aging eyes.

  2. I set the login to Automatic. It required a password at boot anyhow.

  3. I assume there will be new wallpaper when this is ready to go. It still had the same one as 19.10.

  4. I don’t see Caffeine here. Are we going back to regular power/screensaver options?

  5. Unlike 19.10, when I asked for Minimal Installation I got just that. In 19.10 I got full LibreOffice at first updates, despite not asking for it. (THIS IS A PLUS, NOT A NEGATIVE)

That’s about as far as I’ve gotten so far. I just booted, logged in to Firefox, did Updates, and got back into Firefox to leave this message. So far, no real glitches.

I did notice that nobody has worked on the GRUB menu. 19.10 had a simple but nice one; plain Ubuntu is what I have now, no style or anything, just Courier on black. Hope it gets attention soon. We multibooters are picky sob’s.


Hi, please report bugs etc at: Testing 20.04 - only for the most adventurous
I believe automatic login is deprecated. Someone correct me if I am mistaken here.

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  1. Nothing in a live session is carried across into an install. Only the options available in the installer affects what you see in a final installation.

  2. Autologin means you still need to unlock the password keyring. That is by design.

  3. Our target is the LTS so 18.04 users will notice the default wallpaper change that happened between 18.04 and 20.04.

  4. The default layout doesnt include caffeine. That is by design. You can always use the classic ubuntu budgie layout from 18.04 via menu - themes & layouts

  5. Yeah … last minute change in 19.10 by a ubuntu dev did that. Unfortunate. So we all have to be on the lookout for last minute stuff like this. That is why testers should installing frequently if they are to be truly helpful to ubuntu and ubuntu budgie.

Grub. Sad yes. Nothing will change in this area until someone runs with this.

  1. I’m not suggesting it be carried over from the install, although a few distros do that and it is a wonderful thing. I’m stating that it is not POSSIBLE to set my displays during the install, leaving me stuck with the tiny type on my tiny screen.

  2. Then it is not autologin, and the option should not be offered in the installer.

  3. But it has not changed…

  4. Caffeine was default in past versions. If it is not offered except as an add-on, something should be said somewhere about that.

  5. As I said, this was a plus. If someone wants a minimal installation, that choice should not be overridden at updates.

As for Grub, it was great in 19.10.

  1. Maybe. It’s not something we can do ourselves. That is an issue for ubiquity developed by Canonical.

  2. Again, I dont agree for the reason stated. If you dont want secure passwords then you need to undo that yourself. That is something that should never be done by an installer.

  3. Yes it has. Look at the 18.04 default compared to the 20.04

  4. Yes. Agree. Open issue to write a release note for 19.10 upgrades and a separate release note for 18.04 LTS users.

  5. We are agreeing here. It’s for us to continue to monitor to see if someone makes a mistake with an update or two.

Grub is from Canonical/Debian so it’s a change there.