Upgrade From 16.04, Missing Wallpapers

Hi, I just did the “early bird” upgrade from 16.04. It seems to have gone mostly fine. One thing I noticed is I don’t have any of the new wallpapers.

I saw in the upgrade instructions that I might need to run Complete Budgie Reinstall from the menus, but I don’t see how to do that. Not sure if that would help the wallpaper issue. UB is still listed as 16.08 in Grub, but does appear to be 18.04 as it has the new apps, like the onscreen time, NiteLite etc.

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Did you come from a budgie remix base or were you on 16.04 Ubuntu?

If you were on remix I am wondering if you had removed budgie welcome.

sudo apt install budgie-welcome

Welcome or applets or themes and the complete menu options should now appear

Mohammed, I upgraded from Remix. Actually, it looks like I have some of the new wallpapers. for example, I have the harbor scene with sailboats (looks like Portland, Maine?), but most of them are from the Remix set. I don’t have the one with icebergs, shown on the UB page.

I reinstalled Welcome as you suggested, and what I got looks exactly the same as what I had. It is 18.04 Bionic. Maybe that iceberg wallpaper isn’t really available at this time?

Call me David… :slight_smile:

Not really sure which picture you are referring to - you can add screenshots and links here.

The 18.04 wallpapers are in the package budgie-wallpapers and budgie-wallpapers-bionic

sudo apt install budgie-wallpapers budgie-wallpapers-bionic

Sorry about the name, David! OK I did what you said to get the wallpapers, and it said I already have them. So I guess this is a non-issue. I thought I was missing at least one because in a tutorial on UB 18.04, someone had a beautiful wallpaper of what looked like Greenland or Antarctica. It may have been on an outside site, I can’t remember at this point. That made me think I didn’t get the right set of wallpapers. My mistake.

Just installed Ubuntu Budgie 18.10 freshly and some of the prior existing wallpapers are missing here, too.

 sudo apt install budgie-wallpapers budgie-wallpapers-bionic  

didn’t bring them back …

I am talking about this one:


That isn’t a budgie wallpaper. Possibly another wallpaper package from one of our fellow flavours.

All right, thank, you, probably from the Gnome installation I had at that time …