Cannot install gsconnect

When i enter page “

it says…

We cannot detect a running copy of GNOME on this system, so some parts of the interface may be disabled. See our troubleshooting entry for more information.

I then try to install using the latest zip file with the command lines here but nothing happened…

Please help. thank in advance!

Gnome Shell extensions only work with Gnome Shell.

As such that page and the extensions do not work in budgie nor any other desktop interface.

The equivalent to gsconnect is the kde connect applet that will work with budgie

thanks for your prompt reply.

Since Budgie is using Gnome enviroment 3.32, I assume it has gnome shell. OPS…

I am trying to give away few old PCs (intel i3 + 4GB ram, 60GB SSD ) with Linux OS installed to few poor families I know, Since there isn’t any good handwriting input devices / softwares for linux (in my country), I try to install gsconnect ( not KDE connect) in these machines and allow the elderly ones to use android phones’ input tools instead. Voice and handwriting etc.

Budgie is my favorite distro so far, it’s a pity that it doesn’t work… maybe I will have to try other distro.

Thanks again…

Odd. Kdeconnect has the same if not more capabilities than gsconnect … it’s arguably better

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Thanks for your advise. Since Budgie uses gnome 3.32, that’s why I didn’t look at KDE connect at all.
Too bad I cannot use both KDE CONNECT and GSconnect in Budgie…
maybe give KDE Neon a shot instead…my personal laptop still uses budgie, though.

Why can’t you just install KDE Connect? Sure there are a heck ton of dependencies, but it works.

Using it on Unity right now.

thanks for you reply.

I have tried Fedora 30 and it has KDE connect pre-installed in it. It works but i found out the the remote input function only works for ENGLISH keyboard, i cannot use other languages keyboard nor could I use hand writing as input… so it renders the whole thing pretty useless now.

For me, Fedora is not as good as Kubuntu.
Remote voice dictation is working now.