GSConnect on 18.10?

Has anyone been able to install GSConnect on 18.10? I’m wondering if this is a gnome-extensions problem that I’m having.

I’ve been following the instructions on this page to get it working with my Android phone:

But I’m having issues getting it installed on 18.10. The plugin in Chrome installs, but if I go to the options for the extension in Chrome, I get the following error:

GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.UnknownMethod: No such interface “org.gnome.Shell.Extensions” on object at path /org/gnome/Shell

Anyone have any suggestions I can try?

Gnome shell extensions cannot be installed in any desktop environment except for gnome shell

The kdeconnect equivalent software works just fine on UB … it is an app indicator so you do need to have the app indicator applet added to your panel.

I always get confused, isn’t budgie based on gnome? Can you give me the quick run-down on that?

So all I need to install is the kdeconnect app indicator? I can’t install GSConnect since it’s an extension, correct?

GNOME is a multifaceted beast - so don’t worry … !

GNOME is made up of a development toolkit called GTK+ : that in a nutshell is the bit that applications use to draw stuff up on screen.

It uses a window manager called Mutter: that is the bit that sits below GTK+ and above the X-Server - think of it as the interface better the two.

Then there are a bunch of stuff sitting all above that lot -

gnome-settings-daemon: the thing that interacts with your devices
gnome-shell: that pretty graphical thing that you actually click on.

budgie-desktop interacts with Mutter - the window manager, gnome-settings-daemon and is written with the GTK+ toolkit.

So gnome-shell-extensions are little applets that extend gnome-shell.
budgie-applets are little applets that extend budgie-desktop

Since budgie-desktop replaces gnome-shell - there are no bits of gnome-shell that budgie can use.


correct again