Cannot select and upload files on websites


After updating to Ubuntu Budgie 24.04 LTS I cannot upload files any more in webforms. Like attachments in Gmail.

I don’t know what can cause this, please let me know if I can provide any information that can help solve this issue, not sure where to start debugging this.

are you using flatpak’s ? Can´t drag and drop

Note - as per that link, for me drag and drop works in the snap version of firefox

I’m not using flatpak’s. Only .deb and snap packages.

The drag and drop works in Gmail, but in other things the File Select doesn’t work in Web applications. Like my ISO upload in proxmox.

I have just updated to latest Firefox version from snap.

firefox 125.0.3-1

Doesn’t solve the problem.

Give me an example of a web-app that is easy to install that doesn’t work.

Electron apps like vscode work ok here.

If you create an HTML file on you computer with following content?

            <input type="file" />

That’s enough to prove that the file dialog doesn’t work. That’s what I ment by web applications.

I have just tested my html file and my proxmox, which i had problems with too, with chromium, and that works fine, so perhaps a Firefox bug?

hmm - that snippet under firefox allows me to choose a file - selecting the file shows the name on the page.

Same as in chrome.

I wonder if this some sort of firefox corruption in your profile

Maybe create a new profile

firefox --ProfileManager

Thanks for the suggestion, didn’t think about that.
That doesn’t change anything with the newly created file.

But at least it probably something local then, and not effecting anyone, which is good :slight_smile: