Can't Make Persistent USB Work

I have tried to make a persistent installation of Budgie on a USB drive using Unetbootin & UUI but neither installation resulted in a persistence. All changes and installed apps are lost when rebooting. I use the “size persistent file” option when installing Budgie but not luck. What can I do to make a persistent USB installation?

as far as I know, I’ve never been able to set up a usb key with persistence since 16.04. Nor by tools like unetbootin, neither via old, glorious gedit, by hand.
The only thing I know that somehow is working is mkusb but I don’t like it at all so I don’t know it.

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Have you tried Rufus? I usually use it for making live USBs on Windows.

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If you run Ubuntu Budgie, another Ubuntu flavour, Debian or Linux Mint, mkusb will work well for you to create regular cloned live drives or persistent live drives. mkusb works not only in an installed system but also when installed into a live drive.

If you run standard Ubuntu live, you need an extra instruction to get the repository Universe. (Kubuntu, Lubuntu … Xubuntu have the repository Universe activated automatically.)

sudo add-apt-repository universe  # only for standard Ubuntu live

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mkusb/ppa  # and press Enter
sudo apt update
sudo apt install mkusb usb-pack-efi
  • If you don’t like PPAs, you can install it via a tarball.

  • mkusb-dus, mkusb version 12 is the classic version, that works with all current versions of Ubuntu.

  • There is also mkusb-plug, that uses a plug-in method to identify the target drive, and it uses a simple ‘semi-cloning’ method to create a persistent live drive using a new feature in the casper package, introduced with version 19.10 (and is also available in 20.04 LTS).

  • See this link and links from it, if you want more details about mkusb.

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