Certain applications don't open on a certain monitor when closed or moved

Hello guys, I’ve been using Budgie 20.04LTS for a few weeks roughly and its great!

However I’ve come across an issue that is halting the workflow.

Whenever I move programs like the File Manager, or Tillix, over to my 2nd screen, and then close it. Once I open it again it’ll always go back to the main screen.

I’ve tried closing while minimized, maximized, and manually sized as well.

Other applications like Discord, or say, Lollypop don’t have this problem.

I was wondering if there is a way I could get this functionality to work?

Thank you for any help in advance.

Is your goal to open applications always on a specific screen?

yes, certain applications, like Tillix (Terminal)

If you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty, this might be useful to you.
Including stuff like that is one of the future goals with shuffler, as an option to set “window rules”.
Let me know if you manage.

Thank you @vlijm this is something I can try out. I’ll be compiling this and trying it out.

Yeah, hopefully this functionality gets added. Thanks again!