Change keyboard languages

I switched to Budgie desktop from Ubuntu 20.10 Budgie desktop using the terminal because I could not get my desktop bios to boot from USB, so could not use WebFai. I cannot now switch between English and Russian keyboards Strangely enough, I can do this on my laptop, which has Budgie loaded via WebFai. Any advice greatly appreciated.

See if it’s a local user issue or a system wide issue.

Create a new account and login with that. Configure to use the Russian language and see if it works.

I have closed my Laptop when in Russian keyboard mode. I am now trying to open it, but it will not change from Russian keyboard mode back into English keyboard mode, so I cannot get into my computer. I am getting very worried about this, I don’t want to mess with my desktop now, or I won’t be able to access either my laptop or desktop and I need them for work!! I sometimes have to use Russian keyboard too! Am I correct that the super key is the one to the left of the Alt key?

Sorry - I’m not a multi keyboard user … so only know a tiny bit of this area.

On the login screen top panel there is a text drop-down with the keyboard layout that you can use to login with

Correct the super key is the left of the alt key on most standard keyboards.

I’m guessing if you are on the lock screen and there isn’t a keyboard layout symbol on the lock screen dialog or in the top “panel” area - then clicking the switch user button should take you back to the login window where you can choose the keyboard layout in the top panel and login that way.

Ah, thank you very much Foss. I clicked on the Ru next to the login and it changed to En and I could login on my laptop. I will open another account on my Desktop and try what you suggested tomorrow when I am off work. Thanks again.

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