Keyboard input sources

I have used Ubuntu 20.04 with the Gnome desktop until september, where I changed to the Budgie desktop.

I have a Mac extended danish keyboard.

In Gnome I just did select Danish (Macintosh) as input source in the Region & Language settings, and it has worked flawlessly.

Changing to Budgie, the keyboard stopped working as a danish one.

At the moment I have chosen Cameron Multilingual, so I at least have many of the characters like <>*-+?= proper, however, missing the 3 danish characters.

To day I am using Ubuntu Budgie 20.10. It is running as a virtual machine, and the interface is through a remote desktop.

Since I am fan of the Budgie desktop I am looking forward for a solution …


You started off talking about 20.04 and then about 20.10. So I’m confused.

Are both not working as you expect?

No problem to install it on 20.04 though, as you can see here :

Beware you have to click on the [ + ] then install, then select it ( or put it first in the list ).

See also Can't change keyboard layout/language and Croatian keyboard layout

After I changed from Gnome to the Budgie desktop in september the keyboard did not work proper anymore.
In late october I upgraded Ubuntu Budgie to release 20.10 and the keyboard is still not working.

I am using the Keyboard Layout switcher in the top dock, so it is easy to change the layout on the fly.

Using the layout viewer for the Danish (Macintosh) layout, it is as expected, however, nothing is echoed for æ, ø, or å.

Could it be, that something went wrong during the Budgie installation in september?
If so, which modules do I have to reinstall?

Have you read both links suggested in above answer ?


Try reinstalling them using your usual package manager ( synaptic, gnome-package-kit, software… ) or

sudo apt install --reinstall xkb-data xserver-xorg x11-xkb-utils

followed by :

sudo dpkg-reconfigure xkb-data

If no improvement, let’s check if rights and permissions are correct in your personal folder

find ~ -user root
find ~ ! -user $USER

or create a new user/session on your system and see if it works better in that newly added session.

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Yes, I did read the two links of yours, however, I couldn’t get what it could help me.

Reinstalling the mentioned packages and doing a reconfigure didn’t change anything, even I had a reboot.
My home permissions seems to be right.

Added a new user and switched to that one.

The user was born with my Danish layout, however, not all keys were prober, e.g. <-key was move to the -key, and I couldn't find the character anywhere.

Then I switched back to my original user, and switched to the Danish (Macintosh) layout and voila every key/character do now work.

What had happened during the performance I did, I have absolutely no clue.

On the other I am very happy for the result, and appreciate very much that you took your time to help me. 1000 thanks.

Computer mystery :grin:

If those commands issued nothing

find ~ -user root
find ~ ! -user $USER

…then everything’s fine.
Else they will list files where proprietary is root or is not $USER

There might be a bug as you are not the first user to have problems to switch keyboard mapping.
Any thought @fossfreedom ?

The only switch keyboard issue currently outstanding is showing non-xkb layouts in the applet.

This I fixed during the 20.10 dev cycle and upstreamed it.

I have just done the SRU for 20.04 and should be released hopefully next week.

Try reinstalling them using your usual package manager ( synaptic, gnome-package-kit, software… ) or

sudo apt install --reinstall xkb-data xserver-xorg x11-xkb-utils

followed by :

sudo dpkg-reconfigure xkb-data

Hey thanks @Coeur-Noir, for this ^^ solution. It seemed to fix the # / £ key on my Macintosh UK keyboard model ‘A1242’ when under the layout English (UK, Macintosh).


BTW there now is a new software update it just popped up. Perhaps a coincidence? And it mentions keyboard layouts. Not sure if it’s connected or relevant to this matter.

Thats a patch I developed to ensure languages such as Japanese and Chinese (non xkb languages) are displayed in the keyboard applet. Some people using such layouts also found that US was stuck as the default layout even if they swapped to GB.

I am on Ubuntu 20.10. Just tried updating my Budgie, no difference. Where can I go to check my Russian keyboard is properly installed. (It was working fine in Ubuntu 20.10 though!)

Have you tried this? Keyboard input sources