Copy & Paste on Budgie 22.04.1


Copy & paste doesn’t work very well on Budgie. It works okay when it is a single word or a paragraph (with ctrl c) If you want to select multiple paragraphs it doesn’t work over multiple pargraphs i.e. very difficult to highlight multiple paragraphs and if you are lucky enought to be able to highlight multiple paragraphs in the first place (after much effort) copying is hit and miss because it deselects the paragraphs instead of copying them (unless you use ctrl c).

You should not have to use ctrl c to copy but I can live with that. The point is that the cursor is not very user friendly.

Impossible to drag icons as well on the desktop. I use Vivaldi and Firefox and the problem is the same. I use a trackpad on Mac. No such problems on Mac OS.

There isnt anything specific in budgie nor the window manager that deals specifically with web browsers.

This sounds like an issue with whatever toolkit those browsers are coded in.

Best ask on those browsers support site.

What about dragging icons on the desktop?

That is very much a browser issue. Drag and drop needs to follow a very specific sequence so that any app / desktop would recognise what is dropped on it.

I’m talking about the budgie desktop. No web browser accessed.

To be clear I’m talking about dragging icons around the budgie desktop itself.

Out of the box UB supports icons on the desktop and they can be moved all around the desktop. Full drag and drop from the default file manager, menu etc is supported.

If you havent started from an ISO install then your desktop state is very much upto what you have installed/replaced/removed.

I installed UB from an ISO on two different occasions and have experienced the same problem on both installations.

It would be interesting to know if there are any other MacBook Pro users out there experiencing the problem. It may be a problem only experienced with that particular type of hardware.

Anyway thank you for your response.

I have downloaded the latest software update. Dragging icons has improved but no where near where it should be - it is still hit and miss… I’m guessing when that problem is resolved copy and paste will not be a problem.