Does Dell 5558's touchpad work well on this operating system?

I don’t know with configuration i5 5200u, gtx 920m, 4gb ram can run this operating system?
And does it accept drivers for dell 5558? All drivers include touchpad???

Hi and welcome!

unless someone has the exact same hardware and peripherals - this is nigh on impossible to answer.

Please do try via a live-session. In principle, modern computers need the latest kernels - so 20.04.4 should run early 2021 and pre hardware. 22.04 (released in April) should run in theory all 2021 hardware.

My laptop is very old, it was born in 2016 and now it cannot run smoothly on windows operating system.

Just a while ago i tried ubuntu 18 os, but it doesn’t support touchpad drive. So i want to change to try this ubuntu budige operating system. Don’t know if it’s supported.

And is it possible to install MS Office?

In linux - the replacement for MS Office is called libreoffice. It can read and write MS Office file types pretty well. There are other office suites available as well that have a measure of direct compatibility with MS Office types.

PlayOnLinux and other tools have also got various early versions of MS Office running fairly smoothly.

Microsoft also make available MS Office via their Azure offering so you can run MS Office in the cloud as well.

So is it easy to install this operating system? Can i install by my ssd?

Is it lighter than Windows?

The only thing I can say here is that I’ve installed UB on a variety of hardware - desktops and laptops - both old and new without any issues. Some have SSDs, others NVME. No issues.

I’ve installed on a 2012 Mac - so much older than yours with older specs. Again no issues with installing - nor running stuff - browsing etc.

Just don’t expect to run the very very latest Steam games requiring the ultra new nvidia graphics cards!!

Thank you, let’s me try install it.

Let us know how it works out for you.

UB should run fine on a Dell Inspiron 15-5558, even with 4GB RAM. I’m running UB on a 2017 Dell Inspiron 11-3180 with Celeron-equivalent low-end specs (AMD A-9220e, R4, 4GB RAM, 32GB eMMc) and performance is acceptable. You are running on an i5 5200u and I think that you will be pleased with the result.

I don’t know about the touchpad, although the touchpad on mine works fine. If you run into problems, let us know.