Ubuntu Budgie and Touch Screens (or any linux distro)

I have never used a touch screen laptop, but my daughter is looking into them. I would love to take that, dump Win 10, and install, preferably UB or Ubuntu, linux on it. How well do touch screens work with UB or linux?

Pretty good! I have been using a touch screen laptop for so many years. Don’t want to change it to a “normal” one ever!

I have been using Ubuntu, first Gnome, then
Budgie, on a Dell laptop with touch screen for the last three years without interruptions and never missed anything after switching from - and dumping - Windows. I bought the touch option mainly for my then 5-year-old daughter, who is using it for surfing the web and YouTube. Touch works great without any trouble. My daughter is a digital native and strongly rejects using the mouse … still haven’t figured out if that is good or bad …

Dell XPS 13 with 4K Touch-Screen & UB.
Touch works out of the box (incl. Pinch-to-zoom,…)