Tell us your Laptop model/brand

Hi everyone!

Most of us using Ubuntu Budgie, use it either on the Desktop or the Laptop. Linux laptop experience can be a lot of different when compared to desktop, so we would love to hear your voice. However, I also believe that the number of laptop user is also big, so we would love to know, what laptop are you using, the model, and how the Ubuntu Budgie is working for your.

My main laptop is a Lenovo Thinkpad T560. Not the newest out there, but I have always been happy with the Ubuntu Budgie experience on it.

i7-6600u quad core
8GB ram
Dual (internal & external) battery

I actually have two of the T560s. One is Intel graphics with a touchscreen, the other is the dual Intel/Nvidia graphics. I have no complaints, everything works well out of the box… wifi, bluetooth, suspend, etc… Almost hate to upgrade it, because I am so happy with it. (Only minor complaint is there is no CAPS LOCK light, so I rely on the panel applet)

My main laptop:

Brand and Model: Dell Inc. Inspiron 16 Plus 7620
CPU: i7-12700H 16C/20T
Storage: 2TB NVME SSD
GPU: Intel Integrated + Nvidia GTX3060/MaxQ
Display: 16:10 60hz at 3072x1920

Everything works out of the box on this laptop, tested with Ubuntu Budgie, Ubuntu, Kubuntu from Jammy Jellyfish to Lunar Lobster.

I have other older laptops I use for testing and spare:

  • Gigabyte G21B
  • Asus Zenbook UC305F

Those two are fairly standard laptops with Intel CPU and Intel integrated GPU, everything also works out of the box with every version of Ubuntu and Ubuntu Budgie I tested from 20.04 to 23.04.

Three laptops,
Thinkpad T450s 16G, SSD, with a docking station,
2021 Dell XPS 15, 8G, SSD, and
Thinkpad T510, 8G and SSD.
Run UB 22.04 on all systems.

The Dell runs very well but does have an occasional Wifi network disconnect problem – long story.
The Thinkpad 450s, that replaced my desktop, has an occasional problem with screen size changes – laptop LCD vs 24" monitor.

Thx to the UB community

my main laptop is a Tuxedo Pulse 15 (2020 model) Ryzen7 64GB Ram, 1 TB NVME drive approx 7-9hr battery life at new - now approx 5-7 hrs.

1920x1080 display and connects HDMI to the project supplied 4K monitor when required

It runs UB 20.04.5, 22.04.2, 22.10 and 23.04 is a multi boot scenario with a separate common “development” partition shared between all.

Zero issues (no graphics, wifi, bluetooth issues) on all distros.

Use primarily fractional scaling (125%) when connecting to the 4K monitor since 200% is a bit of a waste for such a fine monitor, whereas 100% is too tiny for my eyes.

Guess it is time to join the fray :smiley:

Model: Thinkpad T480
Memory: 24GB DDR4
CPU: i5 8350 quad core
GPU: iGPU Intel UHD 620
Display: 1920x1080 Matte

Works really well. The dual battery system is working well but I guess it could be further optimized.

I use ThinkPad T460 with 8GB RAM and ~80 GB SSD (for linux, it is) with 1920x1080 (i wish it was more).

I love it very much. Thinkpads rock!

Two HP laptops:

HP elitebook 8460p w i5 2520M and 16GB ram (integrated Radeon 6400)
another newer HP elitebook 840G i5 7300U w 16 GB ram (integrated intel graphics)

HP elitebook 8460p w i5 2520M and 16GB ram. Same except intel graphics. My new HP needs Windows 11 to run software for a guitar amp, loop peddle , and other music software.

Also thanks to the generosity of the UB community, my main (development) laptop is a HP ENVY x360 Convertible with a -never seen more gorgeous- 4k monitor. Using it by default on 200% scaling, but during testing new stuff on several available scales & in combination with external monitor.

Over several releases, it has had a few compatibility issues that had to be worked around, like non-working brightness & sound keys, not being able to wake up from suspend (both working on later releases), especially when using NVIDIA performance mode.
Battery life is acceptable for me when using Intel graphics (~ 4-5 hrs).

Mostly running on the current or next release, fresh install at least twice a year, then testing stuff “backwards” on other boxes with older releases.

Brand and Model: HP ENVY x360 Convertible 15-dr0xxx
CPU: i7-8565U × 8
Storage: 512,1 GB SSD
GPU: Intel UHD Graphics 620 + GeForce MX250
Display: 3840x2160 60hz

Dell Precision 5530
32Gb ram
512Gb M2.ssd
Intel Core i7-8850H @ 2.60GHz, 6 cores
Intel UHF Graphics 630 @ 3840x2160
15.6” screen

This is my secondary work computer, with my primary being a MacBook Pro. All of our other developers use ubuntu and I wanted something that was much easier to use. When my machine was replaced last week, I initially used Zorin, but then discovered Budgie and reinstalled it and it’s changed my feeling about linux desktop GUI. I work on RedHat servers all day, but just command line.

With Budgie and remapping the keyboard to work like a MacBook, I’m loving working on Linux again.

Main machine = Desktop:
AMD Ryzen 3 3200G
Samsung 500GB 860 Evo SSD 2,5

Also using a Tuxedo Laptop:
Arbeitsspeicher: Samsung (DDR4 SO-DIMM) 8GB
Processor: AMD Ryzen 5
Festplatte: Samsung 250GB
Grafikchip: AMD Radeon Vega 8

Both functioning good to date… no major problems. Using Ubuntu Budgie 22.04

Thanks for the replies folks. As for the battery life, what is your average battery life? For those running dual batteries, the same question.

How does it compare to Windows?

My 10 + year old battery doesn’t preform well with Linux or Windows. It stays home and plugged into the docking station for the most part.