Double Click issues in 'Files'

I’m not sure what Budgie names their ‘finder’ or ‘file explorer’ but whatever it’s called mine has an issue. I’ve seen others on the web with it too.

I’m using a Logitech wireless keyboard/trackpad. When I’m in ‘files’ and, say, double click a folder to see it’s contents – it selects but doesn’t open. You have to ‘right click’ and select open.

This question has been asked all over the web and typically a different question is answered. It’s as if the person reading this question hears “how to right click” in budgie. No.

It’s how to open a folder in ‘files’ with a normal double click?

Any help here would be most appreciated,


Just discovered this was a hardware specific issue. My Logitech trackpad drivers probably. I plugged in a mouse and double clicking works fine.

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