Dual monitor setup

Hi all

Just have my new work computer online, and working to set it all up.
I work with dual monitors. Both monitors are up fine, but I can only use one of them. The mouse will not pass over to the left screen…
I suppose it is an easy adjustment, but I cannot find it.
Any suggestions?

Do check Menu - Displays that both monitors are shown and that the orientation is correct e.g. if the monitors are shown vertically then the mouse cursor will move up/down. Drag the monitor boxes around on that settings display to change the orientation.

Played and moved the screens around, and voila it now works.
Then all is good.
One step closer.

Have found a new issue.
I can drag a open window from my right main screen over to the left screen.
But only half ways. I can can move the mouse all over both screens.

I presume you have a panel on the left side of the primary screen?

You cannot move windows left/right with a panel on the primary screen - that is a X Windowing system limitation. If you set the left panel to autohide then the window can be dragged across screens.

Ah, that makes sense. Switched to a layout with the panel in the bottom instead.
All works fine now.