Enter password to unlock your keyring

This messagebox has just started. How to get rid of each time I boot?

Did you recently change your password? I have found that once your login password and keyring password do not match - it prompts you. Or do you have autologin enabled? Then it will also prompt you.

The only other thing I can think of is that for LightDM, the keyring must be named login. :thinking:

Keep an eye on this one; I had settings as user/autologin but system changed it; not me hence I didnt check. (surely nothing to do with grub-install?)
No, its happened again, autologin is no longer sticky - it checks, but next boot unchecked.

Beware many places might be used to set session autologin :

At left is « settings / details / users » at right is « lightdm login screen » ( or whatever its localized name, look for lightdm in your app menu it should pop up ).

Modifications made on one side may override the other.

When I started using Chrome on other distros, this bug occurred. However it’s never happened on UB so I don’t know why you are seeing it.

Two things; the user panel doesnt show user as standard or admin which it should?
I tried to set autologin via bash:
sudo nano /etc/gdm3/custom.conf

There is no custom.conf

There is no gui lightdm but perhaps that you installed it at another time.

UB uses lightdm - not gdm3 - so this doesnt work

Its in the menu - “Login Window”

You set the user to autologin via that (Users tab)

OK so LightDM appears correct too.
Can I try Dconf? if yes, whats the variable?

Lightdm doesnt use dconf. It’s in /etc/lightdm somewhere but cant remember the exact file off the top of my head.

Well this is config without changing anything:

Im just wondering; are you sure the messagebox is a login box?

I am not sure what you are referring to. The user field on the login window is the correct way to set autologin.

If it isnt working for you then I would suggest you should reinstall to clear any odd configuration tries you have done.

Note. The keyring issue is expected … autologin bypasses the normal authentication and the keyring has to be manually unlocked.

You can set a valid keyring password via seahorse.

That did it thanks I had to install seahorse and enter a blank password.
Sorry, but the old reinstall windows thing does not work for this user.

I did say - and will continue to say - this is development.

However if you aren’t willing to occasionally reinstall from both ISO and the series upgrade process then you are not really helping us test.