Err 11 and failed to start session

I installed Ubuntu budgie on my drive and first problem I has was err 11 about not letting me install updates and apps. I restarted the PC and it let me install updates but it gave me an error while installing apps on the store (it was something about snap “discord” could not install snap-module or something) I did sudo apt install snap, o reloged and I got “failed to start session” (ctrl + alt + f2 only shows the budgie logo loading)

Sounds like a corrupt install.

What version of UB are you installing?

Did you check the md5sum value of the ISO matched the published number?

What software did you use to install the ISO?

Suggest also test a different USB stick.

I’m using balena etcher and yep, it’s probably a corrupted install, I’ll try to install it again tummorow from a new iso on a different usb