Failed to start Light Display Manager

Hello! I’ve been running Ubuntu Budgie on my Thinkpad 13 for about 3 years now and love it! Zero issues. I recently got a System76 Lemur Pro to replace it, however, I am having one issue that I’ve been unable to resolve for a few months now.

When I boot up it usually displays a Light Display Manager has failed. I’m able to get around this by holding down keys and delaying the start long enough for Light Display Manager to kick off and then login but this is incredibly annoying.

I’ve been back and forth with System76 who has had me update the BIOS as well as installing the System76 driver package located at: System76 Driver (Install) - System76 Support

Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to help. I eventually ran across increasing the Light Display Manager restart time which did help per this thread:

In my case I did nano /etc/systemd/system/display-manager.service and double checked Restart=Always was on (it was) and added RestartSec=0.5. So far it’s booting every single time without issue.

Anything else I should do regarding this issue? Just wanted to document it in case anyone else ran into that issue in the future.

Nice find!

Please do report this issue (with the resolution) to launchpad so that the Canonical engineer who is maintaining lightdm is aware.

ubuntu-bug lightdm
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Done! Here is link in case you want to track upstream progress on a fix.