Finer volume control

Is there a way to get finer control of the volume adjustments in Budgie? 1 level from scrolling is 8% and the volume keys on my keyboard are 4%. I previously had it set to 2% before I switched to Budgie. That’s more reasonable for my speakers. 8% can be quite a lot.

For me using dconf-editor and editing the key value volume-step from the default 6 to something smaller allows me to use the keyboard volume up/down in smaller steps.

that worked for keyboard. where is it for the scroll wheel?
default of 7.5 is a bit of a jump.
it’s interesting learning a new operating system as you need to do things.
linux is still keyboard for many things.
but i don’t do bad for a point and clicker background. :smiley:
and this place is great for help.

For budgie the volume slider from the panel is fixed at 5%

The slider ( in popover from clickng icon in panel ) may be set at 5% step, meanwhile scroll wheel on the icon in panel is set at 8% ( or indeed 7,5% as @hrmwrm noticed ).

Why different values per method ? That sounds incoherent.

From just reading the code budgie-desktop/SoundIndicator.vala at 26cde8fd300a87aba0d085ca50c89728150138d2 · solus-project/budgie-desktop · GitHub - the icon scroll event increments/decrements on a “step_size” variable - it is only set once in that module and that value is apparently 5%.

…it’s not.

UBudgie 20.04 here.

ah - 20.04 … ok - needs reproducing in 21.10 - there was a bit of code cleanup at around 20.10 / 21.04 timescales for the bits of code I linked to.

i’m not clicking on it, just rolling over and scrolling with the wheel.
numerically it jumps 8, then 7, then 8, then 7, etc.
so it’s 7.5 was my assumption, and it doesn’t show halfs.
i should have said the latest lts.
but 7.5 is a bit of a big jump.
somewhere at quiet night between not loud enough and too loud by a bit.
was wondering how to cut the scroll to about 3 or 4.

just reading back, if i click on it and scroll with the slider showing, it is only by 5 then?
i might try that.
i never thought it might be different that way, and you can’t see numbers on the slider to know the increments.
edit; nope, it’s the same.
same with by +

ok - I can confirm the issue on 21.10.

Digging into the code, the calculation is wrong - based on the max amplified volume resulting in a larger step value.

I’ve thrown a suggested fix upstream. Lets see where that goes.