Getting ACPI error while booting from a live USB

I am trying to install Ubuntu 18.04 Budgie on a dell inspiron 5000 non-gaming laptop without the NVDIA graphics card. When I select try without install option I get a black screen with errors before the Budgie UI shows up. Should I go ahead with the install or do I need to do something so that these errors don’t show up during the actual installation. (I am scared since I am going to delete my Windows 10 and install ubuntu, I like a single boot)

Here is the error screen image

Update: I just updated my BIOS firmware and the error still persists

I wouldnt install. Those warnings and errors smack of a buggy BIOS.

Do check if you have the latest BIOS firmware installed from your manufacturer.

thanks I just updated my BIOS and I get the same error

ok this is interesting:

Same issues - one comment took my eye:

"So as I mentioned already before this bug seems to the same as this upstream kernel bug:

The summary of that bug is that even though ACPI errors like these are somewhat common, upstream consider these to be firmware bugs so they refuse to make these errors less scary.

Other then making these errors look less scary there is nothing we can do, the AML code is referring to symbols which it is not definining elsewhere, which indeed clearly is a (common) firmware issue.

Typically these errors are completely harmless. So unless you are seeing adverse side-effects you can safely ignore these errors."

So - its a DELL issue - you can in theory install - but at the end of the day, DELL have to resolve their own issues.

My advice - make sure you have a full disk backup - take a whole disk image onto an external HDD so that you can recover the image if it goes wrong - or just swap your HDD to a new empty HDD and install onto that.

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its a brand new laptop so as of now I have nothing on it. I will just take a backup of my windows and proceed with the installation. thank you.

Oh just one more question would I get the same ACPI errors if I try to install a plain Ubuntu image or is this just a Budgie specific issue?

exactly the same kernel - so it will report the same issues. All ubuntu flavours share the same kernel.