Global Menu/Gimp

I notice the global menu no longer works with Gimp as it did on 19.04. I am using the development release.

Just gimp broken, or other apps as well?

Best report this on the maintainers issue tracker

Just gimp so far , even my 3rd party Mailspring application is working . Thanks for the link.

How did you install that gimp ?

If it’s a snap or a flatpak package, they won’t work with global menu applet, as those packages are confined and therefore won’t « communicate » at this level of integration with your environment.

Global menu should work with gimp from repository or ppa - in its .deb/apt form of package, the good old one.

It was in fact a snap which has been replaced with the .deb.
Thanks ! I should have thought of that.

Hey there. I’d like to weigh in on this topic of broken menus. Since I have also experienced a similar type of issue recently with Sublime Text 3…

Well I assume it’s the same problem? Basically there is the 1st menu at the leftmost (before ‘File’). Which has just the name of the Application and a few options like “New Window” and “Quit”. And these might be the same menus that you would find by right clicking on the Dock context menu, special per-application actions (or whatever else you might call it).

Anyhow so then that’s the only menu gets drawn properly. And all the other menus like “File” “Edit” “View” etc… are completely missing.

Well this happen for me on sublime text 3. But the only for the first window that gets created when the application launched. If I open a 2nd, 3rd, 4th new windows. Then activating those windows has a correct and full main menu.

What I noticed was that this issue seemed to occur when:

  • I had installed some plugin that added a new primary menu to the main menu. Like “Debugger” or whatever other special plugin menus.

  • Then I had disabled the plugin, but not uninstalled it.

  • So now the plugin was no longer getting loaded on application startup.

  • However whatever “plugin uninstall script”, or “plugin uninstall hook” had not been executed to actually remove the menu from the main menu.

It’s a guess. But I think this is the issue. Because when I then actually ran the “Remove plugin XXX” command in sublime text. (they call them packages, but whatever). Then immediately after that the main menu started working again.

So my suspicion is that this same issue can happen in other apps. For example if Gimp has some scripts / plugins system that alters the main menu. And so on.

What do you think guys? Is this reason why it’s breaking? Should we report that upstream?

this sounds like a different issue. The above thread is specifically about snaps.

It does sound like a sublime issue itself - it is fiddling with menus after the window is created / or is hiding the menu somehow. Global menus type applets usually detect when the window is first created and move the menu at that point.

So yes - I do think you should report it to upstream - though you probably should be prepared to test the latest git version of the app-menu code.