Gnome control center doesn't open

Eu queria acessar uma configuração do sistema e fui no programa de configurações (gnome-control-center), mas quando eu aperto qualquer atalho para configuração ou até mesmo o próprio programa para abrir o gnome-control-center em geral, ele não abre.
Então eu tentei executar no terminal para ver se me dava algum erro e me deu isso:

How can I fix it ?

what version of ubuntu budgie is this?

This “looks” like there is an incorrect translation (in some capacity) which is messign up the categories. I personally would run (in the terminal):

ubuntu-bug gnome-control-center

to open a bug for this problem on launchpad. I suspect that if you were running any of the flavors that use gnome-control-center combined with your localization would result in this error.



I repported the bug but I can’t send the report to the developer by my chrome, he just open a newtab default chrome

there is a print from the report:

I am brazilian and can speak portuguese. I’m using Ubuntu Budgie 19.10 (fresh install) and I set up the language to pt_br and run the gnome-control-center command and opened perfectly in my notebook. I would like to know what were you doing before this error begun. The error message about the translation error showed on my terminal, but not the problem with the wi-fi that you received.
I see that you are using Ubuntu 19.10. did you installed something or removed something that could have caused this problem?


Hello, well I was installing a program to program in C (Code :: Blocks), but I think that installation is not the cause. Maybe I removed some file I shouldn’t have from a hidden folder, or just uninstalled something I shouldn’t have. Maybe the problem is really some language problem, I will try to see if there is anything missing from the language packs

What files have you got in the folder ~/.local/share/applications ?


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You have several files there with the name that includes “panel”. I think those are causing your issue. Please delete all of the files with the "panel " in the name.

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Thank you very much, (text to complete the post, just ignore)

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