Region and language in Budgie Control Center

Hello all,

In Budgie Control Center → Region and language

I can´t change the language from English (united States) to Português (Portugal):

And when I try and press the Select button, don’t work and change the format to United States.

Am I doing something wrong?

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yeah - this is a bug.

Please create a bug-report:

ubuntu-bug budgie-control-center

As a workaround - copy & paste the following in a terminal to change region & languages

gnome-control-center region

And the workaround worked.
Thank you.


Please can you follow the instructions in the bug report and verify the fix.

This will then allow the fix to be rolled out to everyone. Cheers

Hello fossfreedom.


Thank you for the help, the resolution speed and also for the opportunity to actively participate in the process (with tests).

Best regards,