Gnome Tweak tool breaks on 18.10


I just want to start Gnome Tweak tool, but unfortunatly it breaks directly.
Does anybody have made the same experience ?



Gnome tweaks is for gnome shell. The devs have obviously now added code that depends on running in a gnome shell environment

okay that’s not nice. I try to solve the problem with my touchpad on my laptop. Therefore I hoped that Gnome tweaks will solve the problem :confused:

gnome-tweaks ( is basically lots of python modules executed via a simple GUI.

So if someone wants to fork gnome-tweaks, rename it “budgie-tweaks” and remove the small number of gnome-shell bits - then I think this would be an excellent helper for those users who want to go beyond what budgie-settings currently offers.

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:smile: ah so maybe I could work on it? I have knowledge an python as you know.
It may take some time, but I would like to work on it.

I guess, if we have “budgie-tweaks”, many users may profit.

indeed - many budgie users from all distro’s.

IMHO This should be an independent developer effort rather than a distro specific tool.

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yes - it’s curious that gnome tweaks focuses only on gnome itself and thus budgie is excluded from it.

But IMO I guess, if we take effort on replacing “gnome tweaks” to “budgie tweaks” - the issue will be solved and we are independent from gnome tweaks

Seems similar to what mate needed to do. :+1:

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It is unfortunate Gnome Tweaks doesn’t work anymore because there are still some “tweaks” contained in it that are not in Budgie settings. I always have to switch to Gnome and make the changes in Tweaks, and back again.

It would be great if someone could mirror it and create a Budgie Tweaks.

@Kan I’ll take a look on “tweaks” and I want to work on it to create a Budgie Tweaks

@andigi89 That would be awesome, thanks.

A SRU is being prepared which will allow gnome tweaks to run again on 18.10 ubuntu budgie and other environments

If you want to help testing please subscribe to this bug report

Sorry about the delay. The fix for this issue should be rolling out to Ubuntu 18.10 in the next few days.

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